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Yamaha RIVAGE PM Feature Vlog - Introducing RIVAGE PM5 & PM3

Yamaha is proud to introduce the new RIVAGE PM5 and PM3, which offer the same operability and impeccable sound character as the PM7 and PM10. Watch the video and other vlogs for more details!

The subtitles are available in the following languages:
English, 中文, Español, 日本語, Deutsch, Français

You can find out more about RIVAGE PM series.
#Yamaha #YamahaProAudio #YamahaAudioversity
Mike Hines : "Oh no! Our product manager is out sick today. Who's gonna film the video?"
"Eh, let's just get Steve from accounting."
Matthew Whitaker : How many channels can you mix with one PM 5 and one PM3 separately?
Paolo Bersales : MSRP price?
La Pro : Riviando con ira
Jacob Hanan : The consoles look amazing. The video is straight out of 2008.

Portföljstyrning med pm3

Presentation av Dataföreningen Kompetens utbildning Portföljstyrning med pm3

Oppo PM3 Review - Planar Reference Portable

Current EQ:
Preamp: -7 dB
150 Hz: Q 1.41, -1 dB
10000 Hz, Q 2, -3 dB
14500 hz, Q 1.41, +8 dB

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Irreducible Multiplicity : Hey, was wondering if you think
Oppo PM-2's brand new at 449$
are a good buy in contrast to the
Sundara Or LCD-1. I love how they
look. I know these are PM-3's but
what would be your guess.
Josh : can your review ndh 20?
tyquan1000finest : Is there any other perfect bass headphones in a flat way that’s good for mixing and mastering the low end only that you recommend?
MOTO RAVE : One word to describe these headphones- Boring
Damien N : Now that Oppo is out of the headphone business i bought a backup pair...

Incidentally from reading online apparently these are wired internally for balanced.

NEW Yamaha Rivage Consoles PM5 and PM3, DSP-RX and DSP-RX-EX | FIRST LOOK and Introduction

Yamaha Commercial Audio just released their new additions to the Rivage series - Rivage PM3 and PM5 consoles, together with new DSP engines and firmware V4.0. I point out the interesting specs and give my opinion on price, features and details of the new additions to the Rivage ecosystem.

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Dirt Road Traveler - Music by

Instagram: (@gainmedialab)
gainmedialab : Which one of the new consoles is your favourite?




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